Fiction – Speculative, Satire

  • Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve in Dark Matter Presents Monstrous Futures
  • The Humble, Hobby Horticulturist – All Worlds Wayfarer
  • Baby in The Molotov Cocktail second place winner, Flash Monster
  • No Dancers in Heaven in Dark Recesses Press, Vol. 6: Issue 17
  • Unlikely Companions in The Molotov Cocktail
  • Carol and the Mantraps in The Quarter(ly): Myths, Fables, and Folklore: Vol. 11, Part One
  • A Mother Knows – MetaStellar reprinted in Metastellar Magazine, originally appeared here: A Mother Knows in 365 Tomorrows 
  • A Feather’s Weight in Luna Station Quarterly, issue 048 
  • Magic Makes Fools of Us available in Camp Arcanist, a mini collection of contest winners and runners-up. 
  • Trapped Within in The Molotov Cocktail  
  • The Wendigo in Dear Leader Tales by Feral Cat Publishers
  • A Worship in LunaStation Quarterly issue 048
  • Talitha Cumi: Maiden Arise in Sirens Call, issue 48 page 87 
  • The President’s Girl in Newfound
  • The Sea Cemetery in Exhumed 13 Tales too Terrifying to Stay Dead reprinted from Halloween Party 2019
  • Making America Great in Topically Challenged Volume 1
  • My Neighbor’s a Fucking Monster in What Sort of Fuckery is This?
  • Expedition Extinction in It’s About Time 2nd Annual NaNo Los Angeles Anthology
  • Confined in Believe Me Not an Unreliable Anthology

Fiction – Literary, Historical

  • He Opens One More Door First Place Winner in Flash Fiction Magazine contest
  • Balancing Elizabeth in   Fictive Dream
  • A Part of Charlotte originally in Sundial Magazine. This story was nominated for a Pushcart Award and also appears in Sundial Magazine’s anthology “Dim and Flaring Lamps: A Historical Fiction Anthology.” 
  • Resurrected in Meow Meow Pow Pow
  • #Dating #AfterForty in 101 Words
  • Cleaning Up in Dirty Girls Magazine
  • Outside the Lines in On Loss an anthology pg. 70
  • Lifetime Guarantee in The Dark Sire Magazine, Spring 2020
  • Happy Hour in 72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games, vol. 8

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Interview “A Feather’s Weight”

Issue 048 Author Interview: Andrea Goyan and “A Feather’s Weight” – Luna Station Quarterly

REVIEW: “A Feather’s Weight” by Andrea Goyan – SFF Reviews

Interview “A Worship”

Issue 043 Author Interview: Andrea Goyan and “A Worship” – Luna Station Quarterly

REVIEW: “A Worship” by Andrea Goyan – SFF Reviews