Dear Leaders Tales

My story “The Wendigo” appears in this fantastic anthology that explores the truth about power and its misuse. Published by Feral Cat Publishing.



It’s always a joy when a story finds a home. I’ve been fortunate to have two such stories published this week. Double serving of happiness! I’m thrilled to be a part of both these wonderful publications. These are radically different stories. The first (published by Meow Meow Pow Pow) is a tiny 97 word story, almost more of a poem, and is a fictionalized piece based on a true experience. The second (published by Luna Station Quarterly) is a mystery story with a dash of science fiction.


A Worship


New Story!

I participated in the Writer’s Games competition. One of my stories came in third place and appears in their anthology. I’m very fond of “Happy Hour,” though I found a mistake in the printed piece. The book is available on Kindle. A print version will be out soon.

Two New Online Stories

First, I have a short story (250 words) on page 87 of The Sirens Call.  A super cool publication.

Second, a tiny 101 word story in 101 Word Short Stories

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